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The Rantings of a Menopausal Woman

Oh yes, I’m one of the lucky ones . . . starting menopause in my 40s. Yesterday, styling my hair triggered a hot flash. My skin is having unbelievable issues and the itching is miserable. I also fired a vendor for having the audacity to forget that I was the client and I get to […]

Writing Workshop?

Writing Workshop?

  If anyone knows of a local writing workshop, please let me know. Rosewood Art Center has one, but a beginner can’t jump in until next fall. Thanks!

Hello world! (Practice Writing 2011)

Two days before Christmas, and not a present is wrapped. Why don’t people understand I’m menopausal and I rather take a nap. In the freezer. It’s been down to freezing temperatures a couple of times, and I’m still wearing my light weight wind breaker. The fine people of Oakwood are starting to look at me […]