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Hello world! (Practice Writing 2011)

Two days before Christmas, and not a present is wrapped. Why don’t people understand I’m menopausal and I rather take a nap. In the freezer. It’s been down to freezing temperatures a couple of times, and I’m still wearing my light weight wind breaker. The fine people of Oakwood are starting to look at me like a freak, as they scamper about in their fine wool coats.

I was surprised by a delivery of Omaha Steak goodies from my brother and his family. I can’t remember the last time I had an actual Christmas surprise. My husband, bless his heart, doesn’t do surprises. He does “Come look at these printers on the internet and tell me which one you want.” And then he goes off to click and ship some gifts for himself as well.

I have an idea for a book, but I’m not really sure how to get it out of my head and onto paper, yet. Oh, I should mention now, my sense of humor can stray toward the sarcastic and bawdy so if this is not your cup of tea you should probably not follow my blog. This writer has gotta write uncensored.

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