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Day 31: Meno Update and a Month in Review

I made it through January and am still blogging along!  As far as the meno update, I can say for the most part I feel better.  But the sleeping has not improved, and it seems that a slug could race across Washington state faster than this rash is healing.  It’s probably time to go back […]

Day 30: The Bachelorette Blues

I’m sitting here in a hotel room, reliving my bachelorette days. I ate popcorn and chocolate for dinner and am annoyed that the class I was most looking forward to attending during this conference has been cancelled. Definitely disappointed. And that reminds me of all the men that disappointed me and sometimes I feel like […]

Day 29: The Ending in the Middle

Sometime after the 3 boyfriend disaster, I took a long, hard look at my life and tried to find my way forward.  I was 28, had two boyfriends, and no prospect for marriage and children.  My career was going nowhere, all of my close friends had moved, and I was floundering.  My parents offered me […]

Guest Blogger: Anonymous

Oakwood Superwoman is too exhausted from running the Annual Girl Scout Dance to blog, so she has provided a guest blogger for your entertainment this evening. I like ponies. I want my daddy to win money because then he said he would buy me a pony, get my floor UD tickets, and riding lessons. Speaking […]

Day 27: A Love Letter for Dear Hubby

Most of the time Dear Hubby makes me crazy and acts like an idiot.  He’s a pretty normal guy.  And sometimes even pretty normal guys need to feel appreciated.  So, without further ado, I present my top ten reasons why Dear Hubby is awesome. 10.  I plan parties, I procrastinate cleaning the house, and it […]

Day 26: A Teenage Sex Hero

I lost my virginity when I was 16, with a boy of my choosing. However, the night before I lost my virginity, I had been paired up with his best friend. It was a warm summer night, and we were outside at the local swimming hole. He kissed me and when I didn’t seem responsive, […]

Day 25: I Wrote A Lot Today

I wrote a feature article for a newsletter today.  I wrote several complicated, delicate emails.  I am writing a lot in the last few days, as words seem to flow off my fingertips faster than I can type. I wrote something very important tonight for the Great Orange Satan.  And it wasn’t even about politics.  […]