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Day 60: A Masculine Sexual Appetite

One of my readers recently told me that I have a masculine sexual appetite. And I’m not sure if that is a compliment or an insult. Maybe this is a reflection of my understanding that love and sex are completely different things–sometimes they go together, but many times they do not? Does this mean I […]

Day 59: America Really Was On Line

I have found 67% of my husbands through the internet. Let me take you back in the day, to when AOL was all the rage (that’s 1998 kids!). I was living in Tacoma and my red-head magnet was on in full force. AOL was a combination of Facebook and You put in some information […]

Day 58: Musings of the Writer

Wow, I’m almost to the end of month two.  I started the month wanting to focus on descriptions, and I think I did a few good exercises in this area, and I learned that I need to go back and add descriptions after I get the “what happened” down on paper.  I also learned that […]

Day 57: We Are Going to Arlington

Sorry peeps, no meaningful blog tonight.  Too busy watching to Oscars and making arrangements for our big event in 3 weeks.  We will finally have my step-dad’s ashes inurned at Arlington National Cemetary on March 19.  Now, that’s going to be a bloggable adventure.  More to follow!

Day 56: Welcome Home

About 79% of me is glad to be home.  11% of me is feeling way too liberal and rebellious after a week in California and is ready to tell all the uptight, prudish people I am encountering in Ohio where to jump off (now, I know this doesn’t apply to my readers, because the prudes jumped […]

Day 55: Last Night in California

It’s our last night in California and while I am looking forward to seeing Dear Hubby, I am sad to be leaving. What I discovered this week is that I need better friends in Ohio. Not that there is anything wrong with my friends in Ohio, but I am a girl that needs have a […]

No Blog Tonight

Sorry, but the writer is having too much fun on vacation and is just too damn tired to write. See you tomorrow.