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Day 91: The Writer’s End of Month Review

I guess it’s that time of the month . . . lets review the progress that has been made. Meno Update:  The hormones are making me behave like a much younger Writer.  And that includes PMS like I haven’t experienced since before Darling Daughter was born.  Crying days, inability to think days, rageful bitch days, […]

Day 90: In Search of a Better Attitude

I hate crying.  I feel like a big, out of control baby when I cry.  And its funny, because I don’t think that way about other people like that when they cry.  When other people cry I feel like they must be experiencing powerful emotions and what can I do to help.  Why can’t I […]

Day 89: A Mouse in the Work House

There is a field mouse living in our office.  And most of the staff is of the opinion . . . don’t kill it, let’s catch it and set it free.  I have a bit of a different opinion . . . I will live and let live until the damn rodent, spider, bug, snake, […]

Day 88: A Silly Mood

I am in a silly mood tonight.   Right now, there is joy in my heart because Darling Daughter is going to have her period in Florida with her father.  Her cramps, grouchiness, and tears are going to be someone elses problem.  I’m doing my own little happy dance.  Doting Dad–my advise to you is to […]

Day 87: Why Don’t They Make Vodka Ice Cream?

My throat is sore . . . I think that’s from two days of playing Van Halen’s Panama followed by Nirvana’s Lithium on repeat and screaming along at with the songs.  I do this in the privacy of my own vehicle, so as not to impose my craptastic singing upon anyone else.  It helps me sing/scream out […]

Day 86: I Am F&*king Done!

Today was the absolute last fucking (I’m gonna use this word at least 40 times tonight, and not with its fun meaning, so if you are offended, go read something else) straw, and I am completely done.  I’m just not sure if I am done with fucking uptight real estate professionals, or fucking Dayton as a whole.  […]

Day 85: In the Beginning

Yes, I’m giving myself an extension on the room . . . mock me at will readers. But I’m going to try to give you a good juicy blog. I think you are bored. While I was playing with the “Boy With Boats”, voice mail messages continued to be logged on my PennySaver account. At […]