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Day 121: Z is for Zombie Apocalpse

Zombie Apocalypse     The end of the world by way of biochemically regenerated humans that’s only plan is to kill off all life on the planet. Zombies are the Archenemy of the FreeAgents. Yup, that’s the way we are ending the month, with the ultimate ending.  Unless of course the Mayans are going to beat the […]

Day 120: Month in Review and What’s Up for May

Tomorrow is for Z, and then we begin again in May. A decision has been made . . . no personal blogging in May.  Even if I get abducted by aliens and they subject me to mad alien sex and impregnate me with alien spawn . . . you are not going to hear about […]

Day 119: Y is for YOLO

yolo 6278 up, 8590 down   You obviously lack originality Some chick’s Facebook status: YOLO – you only live once Yes, it seems that even Urban Dictionary is sick of seeing the ubiquitous YOLO.  Damn acronym is everywhere.–including being featured as Urban Dictionary word of the day on April 24.  Darling Daughter was not happy when […]

Day 118: X is for X-Files

x-files     probably the best show ever made. Includes Fox William Mulder and Dana Katherine Scully who over nine years, battle through paranormal unsolved cases and fall in love. Oh how do I love this show!  I watched this show on Friday nights, before Fox figured out it was cool and moved it to […]

Day 117: W is for What a Beautiful Day

what a beautiful day     When said in a status update, it is referring to the fact that you just got laid. I had no idea that “What a beautiful day” was code for getting lucky.  This makes me look at status updates in a whole new way.  I’m going to miss the funny […]

Day 116: V is for Vagina

vagina 33638 up, 4570 down   The best friend a penis will ever have. With apologies to my gay friends, ain’t that the truth! As you can imagine, there are a bazillion words in Urban Dictionary that begin with Vagina.  Some are funny, some are grosser than hell, and some are just down right stupid. […]

Day 115: U is for U Suck Urban Dictionary!

I’ve combed the U section of Urban Dictionary and can’t find a single word worth blogging about.  I am so glad we are nearing the end of Urban Dictionary month.  I found a rather derogatory term that perfectly describes my boobs, which I am not sharing (you can do your own search).  I found “unrequited […]