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Day 169: Random Ramblings from the Writer

I am not quite done with Mr. King, or perhaps he is not quite done with me.  But I am not ready with my book report yet.  But anyone who is linked on Facebook knows, I need to write . . . I have been an out of control prolific poster the last few days.  So I’m ready to ramble:

  • I miss my stepdad, and it takes days like Father’s Day to make me remember why.  He is the only father figure I have ever known that treated me like a princess, if for no other reason than that is the way daughters are supposed to be treated.  It was such a blessing to have him for a stepfather.
  • Uh mom, I’m ready for you to find me a new daddy now. 
  • Now I want to incorporate something by Sylvia Plath into my next tattoo.  I can’t believe I forgot how amazing and inspirational her writing is.
  • Eating Thin Mints (yes I still have boxes left!) and drinking lemon flavored Propel was not the best idea I ever had.
  • I want to sit at a bar with a friend and drink and commiserate about the state of my life.  But I don’t think there is enough vodka.
  • I can’t wait to leave for Seattle on Friday.  I am looking forward to some me time.  Maybe I’ll come home with a tattoo and a piercing!
  • Yes, I’m still afraid of thunderstorms, so thanks for the gut check tonight Mother Nature.
  • Crying is cathartic.  It is also exhausting.
  • There is a story in me.  There are a lot of stories in me.  I just don’t know what kind of book they make yet.  Mr. King would tell me to just write the story and the book part will work itself out.  I’m not sure, but it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to put my faith in someone a lot more knowledgable about this craft than me.

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