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Guest blog courtesy of Darling Daughter . . . don’t ask me what it means, I don’t know.  This blog contains major spoilers from the television show Doctor Who. It sounds crazy. And that is because it is. DUM DUM DUM DOO WOO OOO WEE OOO. MATT SMITH. KAREN GILLIAN. ARTHUR. shakes fist BARROWMAN. MOFFAT. BILLIE PIPER. […]

Every Little Thing Gonna Be All Right

God bless Bob Marley and can someone please pass the bong? Where do you find the ability to not worry and trust that everything will be all right? Especially in a state that has yet to approve medical marijuana. But when you worry about everything, how do you let go? I’m 44 years old and […]

Protected: And the Blogger Carefully Checks Out the Room . . .

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