Gi Gracelyn

New Misadventures for an Oakwood Superwoman

What’s new for 2013?  For me, the answer is two new jobs.  And I’m just crazy enough to be excited about the situation.  The best part–both jobs are freelance/independent contractor type jobs, so I’m going to be my own boss.  This will be the first time in 20+ years that I wont be collecting a […]

Up On a Rooftop in California

Hi Readers! Long time no blog.  I have a WIP (that’s work in progress) novel that I am working on.  It’s about a woman searching for her soul mate–its chick lit with some steampunk and erotica thrown in just for fun.  I’m on chapter 4, so who knows when I will finish. In the meantime, […]

Protected: Someday

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

My Mother, My Daughter

As babies, our first love relationships are formed with our caregivers.  Usually the parents, but you get the picture.  So for me, my first love relationship was with my mother. I always had the youngest, prettiest mother of any of my friends–although I really didn’t understand at that time that the 18 years between us […]

What’s Next?

Well since Dear Hubby has been hinting about it on my Facebook page, I guess it’s okay to write about our separation, which will likely lead to a divorce down the line. This is a separation of my choosing and I am grateful that Dear Hubby has agreed that an amicable separation is in everyone’s […]


Guest blog courtesy of Darling Daughter . . . don’t ask me what it means, I don’t know.  This blog contains major spoilers from the television show Doctor Who. It sounds crazy. And that is because it is. DUM DUM DUM DOO WOO OOO WEE OOO. MATT SMITH. KAREN GILLIAN. ARTHUR. shakes fist BARROWMAN. MOFFAT. BILLIE PIPER. […]

Every Little Thing Gonna Be All Right

God bless Bob Marley and can someone please pass the bong? Where do you find the ability to not worry and trust that everything will be all right? Especially in a state that has yet to approve medical marijuana. But when you worry about everything, how do you let go? I’m 44 years old and […]